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Common Items
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Lunch Order Menu
Medication Authority Form
MySchool Website HPS page
Uniform Pricelist


Enrolment Documents
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Confidential Student Enrolment Card


Frequent Enquiries
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Uniform Order


Master Planning 2017
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AMP Gate 1


Performance and Accountability
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Annual Implementation Plan 2017
Annual Report 2016
Our 2017 Annual Report
Our 2018 AIP
School Peer Review Executive Summary
Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019


Recent Notices
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Acceptable Use Agreement 2018
Google Docs Opt-Out Form
Movie Night Flyer 2018
Publication of Student Images


School Policy
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Child Safe
Child Safe Code of Conduct 2017
DET Privacy Policy
Dress Code
Duty of Care
Emergency Mangement Plan - Sept 1 2016
Homework Policy
Mandatory Reporting
Parent Concerns and Complaints
Student and Staff Safety
Student Engagement Policy


Student Led Conferences/Meet & Greet
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Booking Form