Kinder to Foundation (Prep) Transistion


This very successful program sees the children attending school for three orientation afternoons during Term 4 in order to familiarise them with our school and the teaching staff. Children complete fun activities in the Foundation classrooms while parents are invited to have a “cuppa” and chat to the principal, student school leaders and also current parents of the school. This program is for children who are enrolled at Hughesdale Primary School in the following year.

A comprehensive Information Night is held in November which allows parents to learn more about the school and the Foundation program find out the grades and teachers of their child as well as meet other parents. Once the New Year begins, all students are assigned a “Buddy” (a level 6 student who they can go to for support) Buddy activities occur each term and throughout the year a lovely bond is formed.

Information about these program and the dates are sent to all parents once enrolment has been confirmed in Term 3.


Level 6 to Level 7 (Primary to Secondary) Transition


By the time the students of Hughesdale Primary School reach secondary school, they are very familiar with the way secondary schools run. The students visit either South Oakleigh College and Bentleigh Secondary College (or both) where they have a “Day In The life of A Secondary Student.” They go to classes with a mixture of students from other Primary Schools. They participate in secondary lessons, like science in a laboratory, maths classes, etc. They use the school canteen and other facilities that primary schools don’t have. They also use a map to familiarise themselves with the school and to get around and practice using a timetable.

Ex-students of the school come back the following year and share their experience at their respective secondary schools and answer questions. This is particularly helpful as the information is imparted by peers and backs up what the teacher says, and also give students the chance to ask questions to their peers and find out things from a student’s perspective.

A program called “Hughesdale High” is also used in the transition process. This week long program has the level 6 students move around the school to engage in ‘subject class’ with various teachers just like they will experience in Secondary School. For many this experience is seen as a highlight of their Level 6 year.


Whole School Transistion - Getting to Know You


Teachers know that students have that ‘nervous and apprehensive feeling’ when they start a new school, new grade level, new room and possibly a new teacher. So to ensure that all students have an ‘easy transition’ into their new grades class room teachers at Hughesdale Primary School implement a whole school program called “Getting to Know You” at the beginning of the school year.

This program was designed by the Wellbeing and Engagement Committee with the purpose of:
• Building positive student and teacher relationships within the 1st weeks of school.
• Developing these relationships on a sound and mutually agreed foundation and further built upon for the remainder of the year.
• Creating a supportive & nurturing learning environment.
• Introducing the fundamentals of ‘You Can Do It’ and ‘Bounce Back’ to the Foundation students, whilst consolidating the other levels.
• assisting our new teachers to get to know not only their students, but Hughesdale Primary School.

Whole School- Internal Level to Level Transition


This program aims to give current students at Hughesdale Primary School the experience of the location of their new classroom for the following year to learn about the curriculum they will study and most excitingly hear about the ‘extra’ activities such as excursions, sleepovers and school camps!

This Transition program involves two afternoons. On the second afternoon of the program, students meet their class teacher and fellow classmates who they will be with in the coming/following year.